One Hundred Tales of Old Texas



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Some books need to be explained in detail. This in not one of them.

What the title proclaims is exactly what's inside: 100 Tales of Old Texas.

These tales were selected by Murphy Givens from obscure books, old magazines, and even newspapers, all from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

What they have in common is they are all well told and take place in Texas. They're presented in easily digestible form and will add to your understanding of our past.

No matter how well read you are about Texas, some of these are going to be new to you. And that's the great thing about this thick, 469 page, sampler of a book.

You will find new Texas stories to love, and maybe re-experience some you already love.


Here's what's inside:


  1. Ambush (Jesse Burnam)
  2. Letter from Texas (W.B. DeWees)
  3. Fresh Meat (Noah Smithwick) 
  4. From Monclova to San Patricio (Benjamin Lundy)
  5. David Crockett, Houseguest (John Swisher)
  6. Fighting at the Alamo (José María Rodríguez)
  7. Raid on Parker’s Fort (James T. DeShields)
  8. Back from the Dead (Bigfoot Wallace)
  9. Hog-Killing Weather (Mary Austin Holley)
  10. Snap Judgement (John J. Linn) 
  11. A Deliberate Falsehood (Z. N. Morrell)
  12. The Death of Chief Bowles (John H. Reagan)
  13. Gen. Lamar Did Not Dance Well (Mary Maverick) 
  14. Capt. Denton’s Grave (Andrew A. Davis)
  15. A Place of Some Importance (William Bollaert)
  16. The March to Perote (James L. Trueheart)
  17. The Pigs of Galveston (Mrs. Houstoun) 
  18. Riding Match (J. W. Wilbarger)
  19. The First Wine (Henry Castro)
  20. Letter to Roasting Ear (Thomas G. Western)
  21. Army Lands on North Beach (Ethan Allen Hitchcock)
  22. Traders from Camargo (N. S. Jarvis)
  23. Grant Cast as Desdemona (James Longstreet)
  24. Breaking Wild Mules (Ulysses S. Grant)
  25. Leaving for the Border (Daniel P. Whiting) 
  26. Lost in a Blizzard (James Buckner Barry)
  27. Mustang Country (Thomas A. Dwyer)
  28. Going West (John H. Peoples)
  29. No Bells Tolled (E. Domenech)
  30. Dinner at Eberly House (Jane Cazneau)
  31. Letters from the Border (Henry Redmond)
  32. A Fair Celebration (J. Williamson Moses)
  33. A Comanche Horse Race (Richard Irving Dodge)
  34. Koweaka’s Choice (Rupert Norval Richardson)
  35. It Takes All Sorts (Frederick Law Olmsted)
  36. Gone for a Soldier (Lydia Spencer Lane)
  37. Pine Knots (August Santleben)
  38. My Old Turnip (Nelson Lee)
  39. Hard Licks (Robert Adams)
  40. Hunting a Panther (Thomas Noakes)
  41. Growing Up at Banquete (Eli T. Merriman)
  42. Law and Order in El Paso (William W. Mills)
  43. Wizard Oil Times (Andrew Anderson)
  44. Houston Feared No Mobs in Texas (Thomas North)
  45. Some of the Boys Never Came Home (W. F. Cude)
  46. The Vigilance Committee (R. H. Williams)
  47. Sibley’s Retreat (Theophilus Noel)
  48. Matagorda Cowboy (Charles A. Siringo) 
  49. Battle of Corpus Christi (Francis R. Lubbock)
  50. Strife and Struggle (Rosalie Priour)
  51. Elysium (Arthur James Lyon Fremantle)
  52. The Lost Blanket (John C. West) 
  53. Capture of Fort Semmes (Edwin B. Lufkin)
  54. Burying the Dead (A. J. H. Duganne)
  55. Dinner Party (Charles C. Nott)
  56. Chasing Deserters (Cliff Cates)
  57. Going Home (Joseph P. Blessington) 
  58. Visiting the Deaf (Elizabeth Bacon Custer)
  59. Out of Sorts (H. H. McConnell)
  60. Names of the Dead (Joseph Almond)
  61. In Shallow Graves (Anna Moore Schwien)
  62. Diary of a Trail Drive (Jonathan Hamilton Baker)
  63. Up the Chisholm Trail (John Taylor Allen)
  64. Land Was Dirt Cheap (W. G. Sutherland)
  65. Outlaws and Gunfighters (Carroll C. Holloway) 
  66. My Last Stampede (James T. Johnson)
  67. The Art of Dave Gambel (Ruth Dodson)
  68. Shooting a Dog (E. H. Caldwell)
  69. Shoot the Scoundrel (John Wesley Hardin)
  70. Turkey Roost Country (Billy Dixon) 
  71. Outrage in Refugio (William L. Rea)
  72. The Lynching of Moss Top (John B. Dunn
  73. Boots and Saddles (Dr. Robert T. Hill)
  74. Disaster at Indianola (V. L. Manci)
  75. Cooley’s Revenge (James B. Gillett) 
  76. Reluctant Bulls (Mrs. O. B. Boyd)
  77. Doctor Turns Cowboy (Henry F. Hoyt)
  78. The Kickapoo Raid (Jean Stuart)
  79. Hanging Day (William John L. Sullivan) 
  80. Stone for an Indian Chief (Clarence Wharton)
  81. Island Ranch (Pat Dunn)
  82. A Photo for Quanah Parker (Zoe Tilghman)
  83. This Land Is Mine (Robert Maudslay)
  84. Geronimo in San Antonio (Mary Handy)
  85. Crossing the Reef (Leona Gussett)
  86. The King of Ranches (Richard Harding Davis)
  87. The Bill Collector (Owen P. White)
  88. Big Day in Havana (T. F. Fitzsimmons, Robert Hall)
  89. Valley of Long Hollow (J. Frank Dobie)
  90. Selling Texas Lands (George H. Paul)
  91. The ‘Good Indian’ (Robert G. Carter)
  92. Horses, Buggies and Cadillacs (Carlyle Leonard)
  93. Mr. Johnson Killed My Cat (Theodore Fuller)
  94. Flu Diary (Anita Lovenskiold)
  95. The Water Kept Rising (Anna Priscilla Sorelle)
  96. Oh! Momma! (Lucy Caldwell)
  97. The Talking Skeleton (Ike Elliff)
  98. Storm on the Island (Louis Rawalt)
  99. Get-Away Money (Bill Duncan)
  100. Fields and Fences (Roy Bedichek)


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  • First Edition Hardcover
  • Satin Finish Jacket
  • 469 pages


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