The Alamo and Beyond - by Phil Collins - Signed Limited Edition


The design for the new Alamo Exhibit Hall & Collections Building was recently revealed to the public. The new building, to be completed in 2022, will display the entire Phil Collins Collection, among other pieces from the Alamo Collection, in its 10,000 square feet of new exhibit space – five times more than the Alamo has today.

If you don’t keep up with all things Alamo, you probably have a confused look on your face.

Phil Collins?

Yes, THAT Phil Collins.

When Phil Collins was a kid growing up in a London suburb, he would often watch an amazing show on his family television.  There, in black and white, was Fess Parker as Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier.  

As he matured, Collins not only acted out the exploits of his new hero, but he often refought the Battle of the Alamo with his toy soldiers.  Even though music came to dominate his life, it was this love of history—and Davy Crockett and the Alamo in particular—that captured his heart.

On one musical tour, Collins encountered his first David Crockett autograph—for sale at a store called the Gallery of History.  “I didn’t know this stuff was out there, that you could own it,” the rock-n-roll legend said.  It had never occurred to him. Later, he received a birthday present that would change his life:  a receipt for a saddle signed by an Alamo defender.  From that point forward, Phil Collins began building his impressive Alamo and Texas Revolution collection.

In 2014 Collins donated his entire collection to the Alamo. Letters, cannon, guns, knives, even items from Archeological digs in the surrounding area funded by Collins. The whole shabang. Over 200 Alamo and Texas Revolution artefacts.

But it will still be a couple years before you can see the collection in its new Alamo showplace.

Unless you get the book. Then you can browse it from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Almost a decade ago, Phil Collins wrote this book about his collection.

It presents the artifacts, relics, and documents that compose the Phil Collins collection, in stunning photographs.

Collins’s prose shows you the joys of being a collector as he lovingly describes what each piece in the collection means to him. Photographer Ben Powell of Austin brought the items to vivid relief, and artist Gary Zaboly’s masterful pen-and-ink drawings breath life into artefacts, showing how they were used..

The book also includes essays by Texas historians Bruce Winders (former Alamo curator), Don Frazier, and Stephen Hardin which provide the historical background to the collection and help make this into a work of art that also serves as a serious research tool.

We have a few dozen of these slip-cased SIGNED limited editions available, at the original issue price of 200 bucks. You may not know this, but Michelle and I were rare book dealers before we started Copano Bay Press.

We still watch the Texana collector's market. None of these limited editions have come up for sale because no one who bought one a decade ago wants to get rid of it. I believe if one did, it would sell for double the issue price.

This is sort of like a chance to go back in time and get one.


The Alamo and Beyond A Collector's Journey by Phil Collins Limited Edition Large Format Hardcover in Slipcase SIGNED and numbered by Phil Collins 384 pages

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