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Do Facts Matter?

Twelve Years A Slave is actually a literary fraud, written by a serial fraudster.

Michelle Haas was fact-checking a bogus 19th century Texas Ranger memoir when she discovered its author also wrote Twelve Years A Slave, the slave memoir that was made into the 2013 Oscar-winning movie by the same name. It was purportedly written by freed slave Solomon Northup and was originally published in 1853.

That discovery sent her on a fact-checking journey of the book that has been called "the most accurate account of American slavery ever written."

What she found was a crazy-quilt of fabrication and plagiarism, stitched together in a money-making scheme hatched by two New York lawyers, according to the book.

"I saw an opportunity to answer some important historical questions." she says. "I knew my work would anger some people. We live in a racially charged time where a book like this is going to touch some sensitive nerves. But it's the duty of a researcher to follow the evidence, to follow history. History can lead us to some very dark places."

200 Years A Fraud - David Wilson & Twelve Years A Slave is the result of two years of full time research into the story of Solomon Northup. It contains the full text of Twelve Years A Slave and examines the Northup narrative scene by scene, with annotations throughout and back stories on all of the characters—even the villains other historians have ignored.

It dives deep into questions such as:

  • Was Solomon Northup actually born a freeman?
  • Was he a participant in his own kidnapping?
  • Did he really witness the savage violence depicted in the book?
  • Were the other characters real?
  • Did he return to New York and weave his experiences into a book?
  • Who was David Wilson?
Fact checking every line of Twelve Years, as well as Wilson's other books, has led to some dramatic new answers.

This is the story of Twelve Years A Slave, and of David Wilson, the man who really wrote it into history.

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