Ski Texas!

Every time we post a map showing the Republic of Texas with its original borders, someone (sometimes several someones) will respond with, "Ski Texas!"
Texas gave up so much in the Compromise of 1850. More than we knew.
Who would have guessed that Santa Fe County and the old "stovepipe" panhandle encompassed lands that would become some of the finest ski resorts in the world?
So we decided to indulge our imaginations and play the "what if" game.
What if Texas had remained a republic?
What if she had stayed independent and found the capital to build ports and railroads?
What if she prospered and grew?
What would you say to that?
Ski Texas!

This fantasy print is titled (what else?) Ski Texas. It's what we imagine would be seen in railroad stations back east during the 1920s.
The Republic of Texas Tourism Bureau was doing a fine job, don't you think?
Ski Texas!
Winter Thrills
This one is titled Winter Thrills. It's what we think the Republic of Texas Tourism Bureau would have put out in the mid to late 1930s.
Are you ready to enjoy winter thrills under the Lone Star?

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