Reasonover's Land Measures - Reference Edition

Reasonover's Land Measures - Reference Edition

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This valuable reference to Spanish and French land measures (and their English equivalents) used in North America was out of print for six decades after its original publication in 1946.

This edition has been revised, smartly redesigned and re-indexed to present Mr. Reasonover's extensive conversion charts in a far more usable fashion.

It was already a fantastic book...we just made it more user friendly!

We're proud to have our edition serve as standard issue material for all newly hired landmen at several major North American O&G development companies.

Exhaustive conversion tables include varas to feet & yards, superficial arpents to acres, lineal arpents to feet and much more.

Table of Contents

  • French and Spanish Land Measures of the United States and Canada
  • Old French, Spanish & Mexican Fundamental Units of Length & Area
  • Spanish and Mexican Units
  • Comparison of English, French and Spanish Leagues in the United States and Canada
  • English Units, Linear & Superficial
  • Metric Measures
  • Comparison of Acre & Hectare
  • Ninety Dimensions of One Acre
  • Reduction of Square Units to Acres by Division
  • Overview of Spanish Measures
  • Spanish Measures in Texas
  • The Spanish Vara in Texas
  • Comparison of Vara, Yard & Meter
  • Acres to Varas Square & Feet Square
  • Varas to Feet
  • Feet to Varas
  • Varas to Yards
  • The Spanish Caballería
  • Spanish Porción Dimensions
  • French Measures in Quebec
  • French Measures in Michigan & Wisconsin
  • French Measures in Louisiana
  • French Land Measures & Equivalents Used in the Spanish Province of Upper Louisiana
  • List of Old Land Measures Used in Louisiana & Quebec, with their English Equivalents
  • The French Arpent
  • Comparison of Acre & Superficial Arpent
  • Lineal Arpents to Feet
  • Superficial Arpents to Acres
  • Alphabetical List of Land Measures, Quantities and Comparison of Units - Linear & Superficial
  • Reduction and Conversion Factors
  • The Surveyor's Chain
  • The Engineer's Chain
  • Steel Tapes
  • Trigonometric Formulas for Field Note Calculators
  • Graphic Solution of Field Notes
  • Length of Unknown Lines
  • Constants
  • Radians, Arcs & Degrees
  • Dimensions of a Circle
  • Dimensions of a Square
  • Scales of Miles for Ownership Maps
  • The Section
  • Description of a Normal Township
  • Description of a Range
  • Description of Township & Range Combined
  • Subdivisions of a Normal Township

Here's the author's story of how it came about:
When I entered the land department of The Federal Land Bank of Houston in March 1932, I felt the need for various information pertaining to land measures and quantities that was not readily available at the time. During the next nine years I computed and compiled much information on the subject, originally intending to publish it as supplemental material in a specifically arranged book of "Field Traverse Tables". However, the book had not been completed when I was called to active duty with the Army in March 1941, and since that time I haven't had occasion to do any more about it.
I have decided, however, after five years, that the information herein should be published as a reference work for the use of abstractors, architects, oil company officials and employees, lawyers, land surveyors, land appraisers, civil engineers, engineering students, law students, realtors and others whose occupation, business or professional duties require reference to facts pertaining to land measures and quantities.

J.R. Reasonover
Lieutenant Colonel
Army of the United States
15 March, 1946


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  • Reasonover's Land Measures by John Roy Reasonover
  • Revised Edition
  • 108 pages
  • Satin finish dust jacket


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