Interior View of the Church of the Alamo - 1847



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As Travis, Bowie, and Crockett Knew It

"The church seemed to have been the last stronghold, and amidst the debris of its stone roof, when subsequently cleared away, were found parts of skeletons, copper balls, and other articles, mementos of the siege; as were the numerous shot holes in the front...we respected [the church]as a historical relic - and as such its characteristics were not marred by us." 

That's how Edward Everett described the Alamo chapel as the army found it in 1846 when Wool's division marched into San Antonio.

Everett, a sergeant and company clerk, was assigned the task of gathering information on the history and customs of the area, and sketch the local landmarks.

That's how he came to render the Alamo chapel in pen and ink. These drawings were later published in the report of the Secretary of War to the Senate on the doings of Wools division during the war with Mexico.

If you ever wondered what the interior of the Alamo chapel looked like before the roof was added, here's your answer.

In the distance, across the river, you can see the dome of San Fernando, atop which Santa Anna ordered the blood-red flag of no quarter raised to broadcast his intent.


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