A Texas Cowboy

A Texas Cowboy

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Straight Texas from Cover to Cover!

"The risks he ran, the deadly situations through which his extraordinary nerve took him safely, his resourcefulness, his loyalty, and above all his cold-blooded bravery, always made men remember this picturesque, modest figure of the American frontier." - John Hays Hammond

In 1885, Charlie Siringo introduced himself to the world as "an old stove-up cowpuncher" who had just spent "fifteen years on the hurricane deck of a Spanish pony." That's how he described himself on the title page of his book, A Texas Cowboy.

It was the first time a real Texas cowboy had told his own story in his own words between the covers of a book.

Lots of people who know a thing or two about the subject say it's still the best true tale of life on the Texas range ever written.

"This is the most authentic book on the cowboy."  - John H. Jenkins

"No record of cowboy life has supplanted this rollicky,reckless, realistic chronicle...His cowboys and gunmen were not of Hollywood and folklore. He was an honest reporter." 
- J. Frank Dobie

"That was the cowboy's Bible when I was growing up."
 - Will Rogers

Those are some Ace-high recommendations....and there are a lot more I could include, but you have to stop somewhere.

A Texas Cowboy
reads like Charlie Siringo telling you his story in person. And he tells you all about:

  • cowboying on the great cattle drives
  • working as a range detective
  • meeting and pursuing Billy the Kid
  • falling in love with beautiful maidens (on a routine basis)
  • getting shot at (also on a routine basis)

Singer Mike Blakely wrote a song about Charlie some years ago. The chorus goes like this:

Charlie Siringo he loved a fandango
And no one can argue with that
He would ride in a minute
For the pure glory in it
And he'd fight at the drop of a hat

That wild Texas gringo, Charlie Siringo
He rounded 'em up mighty fine
And I am a friend of old Charlie Siringo
And Charlie's an old friend of mine

Once you read the first page of A Texas Cowboy, Charlie will be your friend too.

Now is the time to order.

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  • A Texas Cowboy by Charlie Siringo
  • Standard Edition Hardcover
  • Satin Finish Jacket
  • 215  pages

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