Legends of Texas by J. Frank Dobie  - Personalized Limited Edition
Legends of Texas by J. Frank Dobie  - Personalized Limited Edition
Legends of Texas by J. Frank Dobie  - Personalized Limited Edition
Legends of Texas by J. Frank Dobie  - Personalized Limited Edition
Legends of Texas by J. Frank Dobie  - Personalized Limited Edition

Legends of Texas by J. Frank Dobie - Personalized Limited Edition

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Buried Treasure, Lost Mines, Pirates and More...

What first got you interested in Texas history?  

For a lot of us it was listening to the tales our elders told.

A kid sitting wide-eyed with wonder is a cliche, but that cliche was me when the old folks started talking about things that happened way back when.

When I was old enough to be turned loose in the grownup section of the library, I dove into everything I could find on two subjects: the Alamo and lost treasures of Texas.

This book is mostly about the latter.

Here are the basics, along with what’s inside. 

  1. It is the first book published by Mr. Texas himself, J. Frank Dobie.
  2. Dobie contributed about a quarter of the entries himself, and recruited thirty other first rate Texologists to write the rest.
  3. This is the centennial of that publication.
  4. It explores 94 Texas legends. 



  • An Inquiry into the Sources of Treasure Legends of Texas (J. Frank Dobie)

  • The Legend of the San Saba or Bowie Mine (J. Frank Dobie)

  • Lost Gold of the Llano Country (E. G. Littlejohn)

    • I The Brook of Gold Discovered by Lost Rangers

    • II The Smelter on the Little Llano

  • Lost Mines of the Llano and San Saba (Julia Estill)

    • I A Legend of the Blanco Mine

    • II The Mythical Bowie Mine

  • Treasure Legends of McMullen County (J. Frank Dobie)

    • I The Rock Pens

    • II A Week Too Late at the Laredo-San Antonio Crossing

    • III The Chest at Rock Crossing on the Nueces

    • IV San Caja Mountain Legends

    • V The Mines

    • VI Loma de Siete Piedras

    • VII The Metate Rocks of Loma Alta

    • VIII When Two Parallel Lines Intersected

    • IX A Lucky Post Hole

  • Legendary Spanish Forts Down the Nueces (J. Frank Dobie)

    • I Fort Ramirez on the Ramireña

    • II The Legend of Casa Blanca

    • III Lutzer’s Find at Fort Planticlan

  • Treasure Chest on the Nueces (Mary A. Sutherland)

  • The Battlefields of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma (J. Frank Dobie)

  • How Dollars Turned Into Bumble Bees & Other Legends (J. Frank Dobie)

  • Native Treasure Talk up the Frio (Fannie Ratchford)

  • The Silver Ledge on the Frio (J. Frank Dobie)

  • Lost Mine Near Sabinal (Edgar B. Kincaid)

    • I The Quicksilver Mine of the Rangers

    • II Lost Lead Mine

  • The Negro Gold Mine of the Big Bend (J. Frank Dobie)

  • Mysterious Gold Mine of the Guadalupe Mountains (J. Marvin Hunter)

  • Lost Copper Mines and Spanish Gold, Haskell County (R. E. Sherrill)

  • Lost Lead Mine on the Brazos, King County (L. D. Bertillion)

  • The Accursed Gold in the Santa Anna Mountains (J. Leeper Gay)

  • The Hole of Gold Near Wichita Falls (J. Frank Dobie)

  • Buried Treasure Legends of Cooke County (Lillian Gunter)

  • The Treasure Cannon of the Neches (Roscoe Martin)

  • The Dream Woman and the White Rose Bush (Mary A. Sutherland)

  • Steinheimer’s Millions (L. D. Bertillion)

  • The Snively Legend (J. Frank Dobie)

  • Buried Treasure Legends of Milam County (Louise von Blittersdorf)

    • I The San Gabriel Mission Legend

    • II The Gold Protected by Snively’s Ghost

    • III Pope’s Gold at the Gap

  • The Wagon-Load of Silver in Clear Fork Creek (L. W. Payne, Jr.)

  • Moro’s Gold (Fannie Ratchford)


  • The Legend of Stampede Mesa (John R. Craddock)

  • The Woman of the Western Star: A Legend of the Rangers (Adele B. Looscan)

  • The Devil and Strap Buckner (N. A. Taylor)

  • The Legend of Cheetwah (Edith C. Lane)

  • The Mysterious Woman in Blue (Charles Heimsath)

  • The Headless Squatter (John R. Craddock)

  • Mysterious Music in the San Bernard River (Bertha McKee Dobie)

  • The Death Bell of the Brazos Bertha McKee Dobie, 177

  • The Legend of the Salt Marches (Bertha McKee Dobie)

  • Rhymes of Galveston Bay (John P. Sjolander)

    • I The Boat That Never Sailed

    • II The Padre’s Beacon

    • III Baffle Point

    • IV Point Sesenta

    • V Gumman Grove


  • The Enchanted Rock in Llano County (Julia Estill)

  • Francesca: A Legend of Old For Stockton (L. W. Payne, Jr.)

  • Lover’s Retreat and Lovers’ Retreat, Palo Pinto (J. S. Spratt)

  • Lover’s Leap in Kimble County (Flora Eckert)

  • The Waiting Woman (John R. Craddock)

  • Lover’s Leap at Santa Anna (Austin Callan)

  • Antonette’s Leap: The Legend of Mount Bonnell (J. Frank Dobie)


  • From Sunset in August: Galveston Beach (Stanley E. Babb)

  • Life and Legends of Lafitte the Pirate (E. G. Littlejohn)

    • I Jean Lafitte: Man and Pirate

    • II Credence in the Lafitte Legend

    • III The Horror Guarded Treasure of the Neches

    • IV Pirates and Their Sacks of Gold

    • V Lafitte’s Treasure Vault

  • The Uneasy Ghost of Lafitte (Julia Beazley)

  • Lafitte Lore (J. O. Webb)

  • The Pirate Ship of the San Bernard: A Legend of Theodosia Burr (Allston J. W. Morris)


  • An Indian Legend of the Blue Bonnet (Mrs. Bruce Reid)

  • How the Water Lilies Came to the San Marcos River (Bella French Swisher)

  • The Legend of Eagle Lake

  • The Holy Spring of Father Margil at Nacogdoches (E. G. Littlejohn)

  • Indian Bluff on Canadian River (L. W. Payne, Jr.)

  • How Medicine Mounds of Hardeman County Got Their Name (L. W. Payne, Jr.)

  • The Naming of Metheglin Creek (Alex Dienst)

  • How Dead Horse Canyon Got Its Name (Victor J. Smith)

  • How the Brazos River Got Its Name (J. Frank Dobie)

    • I The Miraculous Escape

    • II How Perishing Seamen Named the River

    • III The Great Drouth and the Waters At Waco

    • IV A Miraculous Swim

    • V Arm’s Avenging and Saving

  • How The Brazos & Colorado Originated (E. G. Littlejohn)


  • The White Steed of the Prairies (Walter Prescott Webb)

  • The Legend of Sam Bass (Walter Prescott Webb)

  • The Horn Worshipers (L. D. Bertillion)

  • The Cave of Montezuma (J. Leeper Gay)

  • The First Corn Crop in Texas (A. W. Eddins)

  • La Casa del Santa Anna (A. W. Eddins)

  • Lost Canyon of the Big Bend Country (J. Frank Dobie)

  • A Tradition of La Salle’s Texas Expedition (Alex Dienst)

  • Big Foot and Little Foot (Mrs. S. J. Wright)

  • The Wild Woman of the Navidad (Martin M. Kenney)

  • Bibliography of Texas Legends

  • Contributors

It is our privilege to bring Buck Barry in Texas back to life for today's Texans.

This limited edition is just 254 copies, one for each county in Texas. 

     Physical Details

    • Legends of Texas
    • Limited Edition of 254 copies
    • Each one is hand numbered
    • 325 pages
    • Jacket personalized with your name (or any name you choose)


    The jacket will be personalized with your name (or any name you choose)  


    • Begins Shipping July 1.
    • Allow three weeks for personalization and shipping. 
    • Shipping is 5 dollars, anywhere in the United States.
    • Your book will be packed the old fashioned way, in an actual box. No cheap book mailers.

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