Contents Under Pressure - Humble Field, 1905



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The Invisible Hand

Here is the Simms Gusher in Humble Field at its peak, with 50,000 barrels pouring into the earthen tanks each day.

It was the invisible hand of steam that made it happen.

Out in the oilfields a hundred years ago, it was oil that fired the boilers, that made the steam, that moved the piston, that spun the flywheel, that turned the drill pipe, that was attached to the bit, that
brought in the oil. The circle of industrial life.

Steam also propelled the locomotives that pulled the tank cars, that hauled the crude to the refinery.

By 1905, steam was helping to bring enough oil out of the Texas ground that the railroads switched from coal. 3.5 barrels of oil could replace a ton of coal at 1/4 the price.

Print Number Ten
in the C. A. Warner Memorial Series of Historic Texas Oil Field Images.


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Like all prints in this series, it is a Limited Edition of only 254 hand-numbered, one for each county in Texas.

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