Sketches from Texas Siftings

Sketches from Texas Siftings

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Texas in the Public Imagination

During the decade of the 1880s, one of the most popular publications in America had Texas as its subject. Texas Siftings was the creation of Alexander E. Sweet (a Confederate cavalry veteran) and John Armoy Knox (who claimed to be a "reformed" Irishman.)

Based in Austin, the weekly humor magazine contained humorous vignettes of of Texas life. It was a favorite of folks back East, selling 150,000 copies per week at newsstands and in railroad cars.

Here is a collection of their best stories. If you want to understand how the rest of America came to regard Texans as they do, this book will be your guide.


  • The Drummer
  • The Conductor
  • The Razor-Back Hog
  • Another Mystery Explained
  • The Hotel Clerk
  • The Cow-Boy
  • The Solemn Bore
  • The Texas Cow
  • The Red Ant
  • Power of the Press in Texas
  • A Model Visitor
  • The Reckless Local Reporter
  • Gunning for Quail
  • San Antonio Mexicans
  • Fire Cranks
  • The Pelon Dog
  • Col. B. Snort
  • The Hotel Waiter       
  • The Statistical Crank 
  • Dissatisfied Englishmen 
  • Obituary     
  • Heaven       
  • The Texas Desperado     
  • Mexican Bull Fight  
  • The "Cayote "
  • A News Factory      
  • The Patronizing Subscriber 
  • The Horned Frog       
  • The Typical Texan     
  • He Wanted a Notice 
  • The Editorial Crank     
  • The Confidential Bore     
  • Lavanburg's Substitute  
  • A Texas Mustang         
  • The Tumble Bug      
  • Throwing the Lasso      
  • Eighteen Eighty-One 
  • We Have Sworn Off  
  • The Egotistical Bore 
  • A Foiled Book-Agent   
  • A Poetic Gem     
  • Texas Soldiers     
  • The Gloriously Drunk Man  
  • Why He Came to Texas 
  • Death in the Pot       
  • The Omnipotent Rope     
  • The Awful Coal Bug      
  • The County Fair     
  • The Unhappy Farmer      
  • Brass-Mounted Offer     
  • Malarial Intoxication 
  • A Yankee Desperado      
  • Editorial Sermon       
  • The Chapparel Cock       
  • The Weeping Drunk Man  
  • Mulcahy's Cow       
  • Writing under Difficulties
  • The Texas Climate  
  • Sunday Reflections 
  • P.  B.  Lee - A  Sketch
  • The Colored Cook      
  • St  Patrick's Day  
  • The Confidential Drunk Man   
  • A Rough Translation      
  • Answers to Correspondents
  • Brevities        
  • Fashion Notes 
  • Tail Piece - End      

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  • Sketches from Texas Siftings
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