Twelve Years in the Saddle for Law & Order - Limited Edition

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Texas has always produced great storytellers. You can probably think of a few you have known personally. The reason is simple. Eventful lives make for great stories and Texans tend to lead eventful lives.

There are few better examples of an eventful life than that of Sgt. W. J. L. Sullivan of the Frontier Battalion, or as they were commonly known, the Texas Rangers.

Sgt. Sullivan spent twelve years riding for law and order, from 1888 to 1900. As you can imagine, a dozen years as a Texas Ranger leaves a man with a lot of stories. The kind of stories that make a listener lean forward in his seat.

In 1909 Sgt. Sullivan wrote this book. It's not some dry "I was born in... blah blah blah" biography.
It's a collection a stories, fifty-five in all, of his doings and seeings as a Texas Ranger. He's matter-of-fact in his style and not afraid to name names. Just what you would expect from a Ranger.
"Quiet, cool, and always sober, he stood when in the service without a peer in the State as an officer. He made some enemies, it is true, but so has every other officer who has discharged his duty as honestly and as fearlessly as he did." - Amarillo Register

Indian raids, hangings, murderers, cattle rustlers, train robbers, escapees, horse thieves, and more. This is real history. Sweat drenched and gritty. It's the type of book you talk about and read more than once.

The original 1909 edition sells for as much as $900 in good condition. We will set you up with a numbered copy of our limited edition, personalized with your name on the dust jacket, for way less.

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  • Twelve Years in the Saddle for Law & Order by Sgt. W. J. L. Sullivan
  • Satin finish jacket
  • 238 pages
  • Pure Texas


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