Daily Life in the Republic of Texas

Daily Life in the Republic of Texas

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Daily life...the everyday tribulations and joys of the pioneers of the Republic of Texas spring to life in these pages.

Drawn primarily from diaries and letters of those who lived and traveled in Texas during its earliest days, this book chronicles the lives of the settlers in first-hand accounts, both of the working-class farmer and of the leisurely dandy.

What they ate. How they dressed. How they handled hardships. How they amused themselves.

Schmitz drew upon the manuscript copy of William Boallert's account of his trip to Texas, as well as the Mirabeau B. Lamar papers, the letters of Mary Austin Holley, the diary of Daniel Hartzo and other primary sources.

Procuring or manufacturing basic shelter & provisions, horrendous roads, threats of Indian attacks, devalued currency, a brand new government and the ever-present spectre of disease made for less-than-ideal living conditions in the fledgling nation.

Out of these conditions were born the traits of genuine Texas hospitality and neighborly concern. To relieve the stresses of pioneer life, the Texans passed the time whittling, attended barbecues, and celebrated heartily at every opportunity.

They worked hard and, rightfully, they played hard.

This is their story.

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  • Daily Life in the Republic of Texas by Joseph William Schmitz
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