Fifty Years in Texas - by John Joseph Linn - Personalized Limited Edition



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Remember the Republic!

John Joseph "Juan" Linn saw a lot.


He saw a lot of what led up to the Texas Revolution, he saw a lot of the revolution itself, and he saw every single day of the Republic's existence. 


In 1883, when he was in his eighties, he gathered his thoughts and his papers, and with the help of his writer friend Victor M. Rose, turned it all into this book.


Who was J. J. Linn? He was an Irish immigrant who came to Texas in 1829. 
  • He ran a general store in Victoria.
  • Served as its alcalde and first mayor.
  • Founded the town of Linnville.
  • Was a delegate to both the consultation and the independence convention.
  • Served General Houston as a quartermaster and was instrumental in keeping the army supplied during the San Jacinto Campaign.
  • And a lot more. 

"The author is a man of decided opinions and outspoken."

You don't ever have to wonder what Mr. Linn thought about any subject. He tells you straight and in full color.

And like I said, J. J. Linn saw much of what happened in the Republic of Texas, and he remembered.

Of course, one man can't be a witness to everything, but Mr. Linn didn't want to leave out anything he thought should be remembered.

Fortunately, he had prominent friends who also saw a lot, and he included what they had to say in his book.

He even included accounts from the Mexican side of the fight, because those men had interesting things to say. 

Here’s what's inside:
  • How I Was Induced to Come to Texas
  • Personal Incidents During These Days
  • The Beginning of Troubles, 1835
  • A Declaration of Principles and Purposes by the Consultation of Texas, November 1835
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • Of Early Settlement of Texas
  • Establishment of Religion, Etc.
  • Letter of Hon. Guy M. Bryan in Regard to Austin's First Colony
  • General Long's Expedition
  • Fate of Captain Perry
  • Memorial of the Texas Convention to the United States
  • Almonte's Report
  • Revolution and Consultations
  • Reuben Potter's Fall of the Alamo
  • The Heroine of the Alamo
  • List of Heroes of the Alamo
  • Barnard's Account of the Goliad Massacre
  • Officers & Men Under Fannin
  • Escape of Judge W. L. Hunter
  • The Fate of Captain Perry
  • Extracts from the Diary of General Urrea
  • A Just Alcalde
  • Rencontre with an Indian
  • Houston's Report on San Jacinto
  • Mexican Account of the Battle of San Jacinto by Col. Pedro Delgado
  • Ira Ingram
  • General Houston
  • Incidents and Episodes
  • Houston's First Inaugural Address
  • Rusk's Burial of Goliad Remains
  • A False Alarm
  • The Red Rovers
  • Episodes of Indian Life
  • "Old Sam" Saves the People of Bexar
  • General Dunlap's Race for Life
  • The Capture of Matilda Lockhart
  • The Fate of Major Morris, Dr. Grant & Others
  • How a Wedding Was Prevented
  • Expulsion of Senator Wilson
  • Campbell Hanged
  • Insubordination of General Green
  • Letters to General Houston from Generals Gaines and Jackson
  • Depredations on the Rio Grande
  • Invasion of Woll, 1842
  • Battle of Mier
  • A Horrible Massacre
  • Mr. John Twohig's Escape
  • Victoria's First Jail
  • Morphis, the Historian
  • The Missions & the Aborigines
  • Mission Valley
  • Comanche Raid & Burning of Linnville
  • Capt. Krantz Killed Several Times Already
  • A Fatal Affray
  • Wounded "Honnoh"
  • A Fatal Duel
  • German Colony
  • The "Babe" of the Alamo
  • The So-called Cart War
  • How a Know-Nothing Speech was "Nipped"
  • Prominent Men of Early Texas
  • A List of Governors Since Annexation

    It is our privilege to bring Linn's Reminiscences of Fifty Years in Texas back to life for today's Texans.

    This limited edition is just 254 copies, one for each county in Texas, and the jacket is personalized with your name or that of your recipient.  

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      • Reminiscences of Fifty Years in Texas 
      • Limited Edition of 254 copies
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      • 322 pages
      • Jacket personalized with your name (or any name you choose)


      The jacket will be personalized with your name (or any name you choose)  


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