The Republic of Texas - by Clarence R. Wharton

The Republic of Texas - by Clarence R. Wharton

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The Republic of Texas Story - Told Well

“I have consulted every work bearing upon Texas History which has ever been published, and many original sources of information as well.” - Clarence R. Wharton, 1922

Clarence R. Wharton (1873-1941) spent his adult life practicing law in Houston.

Legal work made him a prosperous man, which allowed him to indulge in collecting rare volumes of Texas history, and writing works which have become rare.

Like this one. 
His History of the Republic of Texas was published in 1922 and has been almost entirely forgotten. Which is a real shame, because Judge Wharton tells the story of the Republic better than anyone.
I say he tells the story for a reason. It reads like a knowledgeable friend talking to you, and that makes it a pleasure.
Judge Wharton breaks the history of the Republic of Texas into four parts: The Colonies, The Revolution, The Republic, and Annexation.
Each of those sections contains several of his “talks”. Like I said, his writing style is clear and easily absorbed. The judge accomplishes the literary miracle of conveying a depth of information with grace and simplicity.
Here’s what each section contains:


The Colonies

  • First Colonial Grant to Moses Austin
  • The Last of the Viceroys
  • Stephen Fuller Austin: The First & Greatest Empresario
  • San Antonio One Hundred Years Ago
  • Austin in San Antonio
  • Austin Explores the Gulf Littoral
  • Austin's Return to the States
  • The New Years Creek Colony
  • The Schooner Lively
  • Austin Goes to Mexico
  • The Emperor Iturbide
  • The End of the Empire
  • Austin's Grant Confirmed
  • The Terms of the First Grant
  • Austin's Great Achievement
  • The First Colonists
  • Government of the First Colony
  • Empresario Grants
  • The Hayden Edwards Grant
  • The Fredonian Rebellion
  • The Effect of the Fredonian Rebellion
  • General Manuel Mier y Teran
  • General Teran's Garrisons - More People from the States
  • Bradburn at Anahuac
  • The Battle of Velasco
  • Long Live Santa Anna

The Revolution

  • Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
  • The First Texas Convention of October 1832
  • The Convention of 1833
  • Austin's Second Journey to Mexico, May 1833
  • Austin in Prison
  • Eighteen Hundred Thirty-Four
  • The Land Scandals of 1835
  • Gonzales
  • The Consultation
  • The Siege of Bexar
  • Ben Milam and the Fall of Bexar
  • Sam Houston
  • Eighteen Hundred and Thirty-Six
  • The Convention of March, 1836
  • The Alamo
  • Goliad
  • The Runaway Scrape
  • San Jacinto
  • Farewell to Santa Anna
  • The Passing of Austin

The Republic

  • The Republic of Texas
  • The Army of the Republic
  • The First Capitals of Texas
  • Austin Located at Waterloo
  • The Coming of the Cherokees
  • The Passing of the Cherokees
  • The Prairie Indians
  • The Santa Fe Expedition
  • Houston's Second Administration

The Annexation of Texas

  • Proclamation of La Salle
  • Napoleon's First Effort at Kingmaking
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • Texas Traded for Florida
  • First Efforts at Re-annexation
  • Texas Rejected in 1837
  • President Tyler Discovers Texas
  • Tyler and Texas
  • The Fall of Van Buren
  • Tyler's Triumph
  • The Activity of England
  • Diplomats Gather Along the Brazos
  • Captain Elliott in Mexico
  • The Last Act of the Great Drama of Annexation

It is our privilege to bring Wharton's The Republic of Texas back to life for today's Texans.

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