With the Makers of Texas

With the Makers of Texas

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There are two ways to learn history. One is to read the works of historians. The other is to read what people who were there had to say. 

Back in 1904, Eugene Barker and Herbert Bolton gathered up ninety-one accounts spanning over 300 years. Accounts written by people on the ground in Texas. Accounts written by participants in our history, not just observers.

People like Sam Houston, James Fannin, Ben Milam, Stephen F. Austin, Reuben Potter, and William Wharton. And accounts written by people you probably never heard of, but who left us some fascinating stories.

Unfortunately, Barker and Bolton's book has been out of print for over a century. But now we have brought it back for this generation of Texans.

If you love Texas history, or if you want to turn someone into a Texas history lover, this is a book you don't want to miss.

It's real Texas history without any academic filters. No egghead with an agenda had any part in assembling this uncommon core of historical Texas source material.

This is the good stuff.


The Spanish & the French

  • A Shipwrecked Spaniard in Texas (1528-34) by Cabeza de Vaca 
  • Indian Life in Texas (1528) by Cabeza de Vaca 
  • Coronado’s March Across the Plains (1541) by Castañeda 
  • La Salle at an Indian Reception (1685) by Joutel 
  • Life at Fort St. Louis (1685-1687) by Joutel 
  • Fatal Search for the Mississippi (1687) by Joutel 
  • The Spaniards Find Fort St. Louis (1689) by Damian Manzanet
  • The Destruction of Fort St. Louis (1690) by Damian Manzanet 
  • A Texas Chief's Household by Damian Manzanet 
  • Founding Mission San Francisco (1690) by Damian Manzanet 
  • St. Denis in Texas (1714) by Penicaut 
  • A Pipe of Peace (1716) by Antonio Bonilla 
  • Speeches and Presents (1721) by La Peña 
  • A Marquis Builds a Fort (1721) by La Peña 
  • Description of a Mission (1762) 


The Filibusters

  • Hunting Wild Horses (1801) by Ellis P. Bean 
  • The Death of Philip Nolan (1801)
    • As told by Ellis P. Bean 
    • As told by Lieut. Musquiz 
  • Strike for Liberty (1813) by Bernardo Guiterrez 
  • End of Magee's Expedition (1813) from Niles' Register
  • Some French Filibusters (1819) by Hartmann and Millard
  • A Day With Lafitte (1819) writer unknown 
  • The Last of the Filibusters (1819) by Mirabeau B. Lamar
  • A Battle With Cannibals (1819) by James Long 
  • How General Long Won His Bride (1815) by Mirabeau B. Lamar 
  • Mrs. Long's Adventures in Texas (1818) by Mirabeau B. Lamar


Anglo-American Colonization

  • Come Out to the West (1834)
  • Difficulties of an Empresario (1828) by Stephen F. Austin 
  • Punishing Indian Horse Thieves (1824) by J. H. Kuykendall 
  • How a Colonist Came to Texas (1827) by Noah Smithwick 
  • The First Sunday School in Texas (1829) by Thomas Jefferson Pilgrim 
  • A Disappointed Land Speculator (1831) writer unknown 
  • Breaking Mustangs (1831) writer unknown 
  • Social Customs Among the Old 300 by Noah Smithwick
  • A Visit to Texas in 1832 by George B. Erath
  • Frontier Hospitality by Noah Smithwick 
  • Bowie's Fight on the San Saba (1832) by Rezin P. Bowie 
  • A Smuggling Trip to Old Mexico (1827) by Noah Smithwick 
  • A Little German Girl in Early Texas (1831-35) by Caroline von Hinueber 
  • A Description of Texas in 1834 by Juan N. Almonte
  • Hard Times Before the Revolution by Jesse Burnam
  • Running the Blockade at Velasco (1832) by Edwin Waller 
  • A Lonely Fourth of July (1835) by Ben Milam 


The Revolution

  • The Texan Marseillaise (1836) by Writer unknown 
  • The Call to Arms (1835) by William H. Wharton 
  • The New Yankee to the Doodle (1835) by H. K. 
  • An Appeal to the Fatherland (1835) by The General Council of Texas 
  • An Heroic Deed (1835) by J. H. Kuykendall 
  • Davy Crockett (1836) by John M. Swisher 
  • Shall Never Surrender or Retreat (1836) by William Barret Travis 
  • The Texian Hunter (1836) by Reuben M. Potter
  • Will Never Give Up the Ship (1836) by James W. Fannin 
  • Hymn of the Alamo (1836) by Reuben M. Potter 
  • The Goliad Massacre (1836) by John C. Duval 
  • The Battle of San Jacinto (1836) by Sam Houston 
  • A Mexican's Story of San Jacinto (1836) by Pedro Delgado 
  • The Capture of Santa Anna (1836) by Joel W. Robison 
  • The Runaway Scrape (1836) by Mrs. Dilue Harris 
  • The Return Home (1836) by Mrs. Dilue Harris 
  • No Roof to Call My Own (1836) by Stephen F. Austin 
  • A Mexican's Lament (1836)


The Republic

  • The Texian Song of Liberty (1838) by C. D. Stuart
  • The Keenest Blade at San Jacinto (1838) by David G. Burnet
  • The Council House Fight (1840) by Mrs. Sam A. Maverick
  • Austin in 1840 by An Immigrant
  • Texian Camp Song (1841) writer unknown 
  • Captured by Comanches by Mrs. Rebecca J. Gilleland Fisher
  • Objects of the Santa Fe Expedition (1841) by George Wilkins Kendall 
  • A Western Leather Stocking (1841) by George Wilkins Kendall 
  • Old Time schools in Texas (1835-1842) by M. M. Kenney 
  • Up, Men of Texas, to the Fight (1842) writer unknown 
  • An Awful Christmas Morning (1842) by J. W. Throckmorton 
  • The Death of Flaco (1843) by Sam Houston 
  • Drawing the Black Beans (1843) by Thomas J. Green 
  • In a Mexican Prison (1843) by Thomas J. Green 
  • The Escape from Perote (1843) by Thomas J. Green 
  • Indian “Talks” (1845) by Pa-ha-you-co and Roasting-ear 
  • Farewell to the Republic (1846) by Anson Jones 


The State

  • The Ranger's Song by James T. Lytle
  • The Texans at Monterey (1846) by Samuel C. Reid 
  • A Ranger's Story by Capt. George C. Hendricks
  • A Bear Story (1857) by Frederick Law Olmsted 
  • An Anecdote of General Houston - writer unknown
  • Home Life During the Civil War (1861-1865) by Mrs. E. M. Loughery 
  • A Yankee Soldier's Diary (1862). Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph 
  • The Recapture of Galveston (1863) by J. Bankhead Magruder 
  • Federal Prisoners in Houston (1863) - Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph 
  • A Hymn for the Confederacy (1863) by O. M. A. 
  • Some Old Time Advertisements - Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph 
  • Raising Money for the War - Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph 
  • Hardships of the Law Makers (1864) - Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph 
  • Flag Song of Texas by Mrs. Lee C. Harby

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